Online Consultation

Our doctors are online and ready to provide you with trusted medical advice!

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  • Our online consultation service provides professional medical advice that may include drug prescription with instructions for proper dosage, laboratory requests, appropriate first aid, and general healthcare information.
  • Upon payment, this service may be used only once and by one patient.
  • The medical advice given by the doctor during the consultation is for non-emergency cases and will be based on the information and/or images shared by the patient. It is not a substitute for cases that need actual physical assessment or tests. Emergency and life-threatening cases may not be accommodated through this online consultation service.
  • The patient (or guardian for minor and senior patients) shall assume full responsibility for providing the appropriate information to the doctor during the online consultation.
  • Each consultation shall last 20 to 30 minutes only.
  • If the patient fails to inform JDMH of his/her intention to cancel/postpone a scheduled consultation thirty (30) minutes before the said consultation, the patient’s option to reschedule the consult to a later date will be waived. Thus, the patient will have to undertake the booking and payment process again.
  • One of our customer care representatives will pre-screen all patients for verification and information gathering.
  • Once purchased, this online consultation is non-refundable. The purchased service is valid for up to 3 months from the date of payment, if not used immediately.

The patient agrees to provide pertinent personal information that will be part of the patient’s record with JDMH.

Since each case and condition differ from individual to individual, the medical advice is only applicable to the patient present during the online consultation. The medical advice received during the consultation session should not be shared with other individuals.


The patient, doctor and host/customer care representative are not allowed to record or capture screenshots of any part of the consultation without the consent of all parties. Any unauthorized recording or screenshots of the consultation session, whether in part or in whole, is illegal and punishable by law.

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By joining the meeting, you agree to the terms and conditions, and privacy policy that apply to the online consultation.