Get to know us

Our Mission

To deliver exemplary patient experience through personalized service and modern technology rendered by competent healthcare professionals.

Our Vision

To become the Center of Excellence in Women and Children’s Health by providing a full range of high-quality clinical services through innovation, training, and research.

Our Core Values

To achieve our vision and mission, we endeavor to adhere to these values:

  • Excellence (“Kahusayan”) – we cure and care with excellence
  • Compassion (“Malasakit”) – we show compassion and empathy 
  • Integrity (“Dangal”) – we do what is right and ethical in all our dealings 
  • Respect (“Galang”) – we give due regard to the rights, beliefs, and feelings of others
  • Honesty (“Tapat”) – we promote trust, moral integrity, and honor in all our actions and decisions 
  • Stewardship (“Pangangasiwa”) – we act responsibly towards our patients and the medical community