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Dr. Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital was founded on August 1, 1948, by Dr. Jesus C. Delgado and his wife, Carmen Bayot-Delgado, with the vision of enhancing the quality of life through excellent patient-centered care.

In the 1960s, Dr. Jesus C. Delgado’s daughter, Dr. Mary Rose Delgado-Abad, and her husband Dr. Rainerio S. Abad offered their expertise to help the then named Delgado Clinic improve its operations and grow its patient community. 

The leadership of the medical facility were transferred to its former President and Administrator, Ma. Violeta Delgado-Cojuangco in the 1980’s, after the demise of both Dr. & Mrs. Jesus C. Delgado. In memory of the late founder, Delgado Clinic was renamed as Dr. Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital (JDMH) in 1988. The hospital has since continued to meet the growing health care needs of the community with complete facilities as a tertiary hospital, committed to rendering high-quality service.

In 2017, JDMH became the 14th family member of the Metro Pacific Group of Hospitals led by Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan. This enabled the hospital to renovate and improve its facilities, making the hospital environment even livelier and more comfortable for its patients. The hospital was also able upgrade its medical equipment, allowing them to deliver excellent service and extend it to surrounding the further communities.

Dr. Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital, led by its President and CEO, Juan Alberto B. Goyena, continues to develop its facilities, equipment, and services to pursue its mission of offering affordable high-quality healthcare services to all patients.

Now on its 75th year, JDMH aspires to grow even bigger—both as a medical institution and a community. Part of its plans are an 8-storey building and new facilities that will allow the hospital to offer more services and accommodate more patients. Gradually transforming from a four-bed clinic to a now Level 2 General Hospital, JDMH is envisioned to continue soaring higher, achieving beyond its goals, while staying true to its values in offering affordable healthcare to all.