Patient and Visitor Guide

What are your security guidelines for patients and visitors?

  1. Smoking and deadly weapons are strictly prohibited inside the hospital premises.
  2. Intoxicating liquor will be confiscated upon entry. You may retrieve said paraphernalia at the Admitting Department upon patient discharge.
  3. Avoid keeping your cash, jewelry and other valuables inside your room. The hospital shall not be responsible for the loss of any personal items. When necessary, deposit your cash and other valuables at our cashier for safekeeping.
  4. Always make sure to lock the patient room when no one is inside. Kindly inform your nurse if the room will be left unattended.
  5. Please refrain from entertaining phone calls from people you do not know.
  6. To avoid being a victim of extortion or swindling, conduct transactions with hospital personnel and authorized medical secretaries only. Please take note that our employees can be distinguished by their uniforms and employee ID.
  7. Please familiarize yourself with the fire exits. In case of emergency, there are fire extinguishers installed in strategic places in the hospital.
  8. For security assistance, kindly dial ext. 493.