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Delgado Hospital celebrates its 75th anniversary

August 1, 2023

Last August 1, 2023, the doctors, leaders, and employees of Dr. Jesus C. Delgado Memorial Hospital gathered to celebrate a historic milestone—its 75th year in the health care industry.

The celebration was held at The Elements at Centris, Quezon City, where guests dined and danced wearing their shiniest gowns and suits, making it a night to remember.

During the event, doctors and employees were awarded for their loyalty and their exemplary contribution to the growth and success of JDMH. Attendees also witnessed outstanding performances by JDMH employees and special guests.

JDMH President and CEO, Mr. Johnny Goyena mentioned in his speech that this celebration is a testimony that Delgado Hospital will be in the health care industry for many more years.

“Many of you who have been in the hospital for 25 years or more, have witnessed that JDMH has come a long way, and tonight is a clear indication that the hospital is here to stay.”

Reaching 75 years is no easy feat for any institution. Amid all the hardships it has been through, JDMH has proven time and again that it will stay true to its mission in providing affordable and accessible health care services for women and children.

This celebration is not just a testimony that Delgado Hospital is here to stay and will be reaching further heights in the years to come.

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